Consumer Healthcare


Today, more people are taking an increasingly active role in managing their health. Demand for consumer products is growing, as they are seeking for products that are affordable and accessible. To meet this demand, we strive to bring new and better solutions to help consumers support their health and enhance their well being.


Our portfolio includes vitamins and minerals, dietary supplement and medical devices within the categories of pain management, general health, mobility, cognitive, gastrointestinal and children’s health.



Citrex Vitamin C 1000mg
Citrex Vitamin C 100mg
Actimol 650mg
Actimol 500mg
Actimol Menstrual
Citrex Gummies
Citrex Defendo
Citrex Smarto
Citrex Flexo
Citrex Ginkgo Biloba
Baby Nadif
1 Q Gummy
Sweet Royale
Citrex Asonor
Citrex AMG
Citrex Memoria
Citrex Circabor
Citrex Dandee